Episode Eight – Steve Vallas Says Justice Is Blind On The Blockchain

“Yes, it is good and bad,” Steve Vallas is often asked if Blockchain technology is good or bad. And that is his standard answer.

Privately Public or Publicly Private? In a future where we can privately verify public data or allow public access to anonymised private data will this transparency create more fairness? In other words, will justice finally become truly blind? Steve Vallas is a qualified lawyer who moved into the business strategy, digital marketing, and blockchain technology space. In this conversation, we explore how blockchain can create an ideal future where politics are transparent and justice is blind. We also look at the darker side of human nature and where blockchain can create the means to privacy that has never been available before.

Steve works with businesses from startups to enterprise level to identify challenges, create strategic plans to meet business objectives and assist with implementation to fill resourcing gaps.

To learn more about Steve visit him on

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevevallas/

or his website – https://www.honeydigital.com.au/

Check out this podcast and the storytelling and narrative strategies of Megan from Spendlove and Lamb here – https://www.spendloveandlamb.com/

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