Episode 11 – Can Living In Houses Built For Mars Save Our Planet? with Dr. Natalie Rens

Can building houses that allow humans to live on Mars be the key to sustaining life on our planet? The need for sustainable housing has never been greater and not for interplanetary colonisation, but for supporting human life through climate change happening on our planet.

In this conversation with Dr Natalie Rens, we explore how her work in creating sustainable houses for the new colonies being planned for the red planet could be the key to preserving life on our beautiful blue one.

Dr Natalie Rens is a neuroscientist, artificial intelligence strategist, and space nerd.

Natalie is the founder and CEO of Astreia, a startup building autonomous habitats for a sustainable future. Prior, she worked as the Artificial Intelligence Specialist for the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, implementing strategies to advance AI capability in Queensland. She also built Queensland AI, an AI meetup with over 2,500 members. Natalie holds a PhD in Neuroscience, Master in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, and a Bachelor in Biomedical Science (honours).

Natalie now works and lives in Austin, Texas in the USA. She plans to live on Mars next.

Visit and learn more about Astreia here or connect with Natalie on LinkedIn to continue the conversation!

or visit www.storiescreate.me for more information on this podcast.

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